Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ancient Chinese Method Of Weight Loss

by Karina Jacobsen

For many years, modern medicine has tried to answer the question of how to lose weight. The answer may lie in Qi Gong. The use of Qi Gong can be traced back to China and is a method of self discovery. As you gain awareness of how your body functions you will gain more control of those functions leading to healthier living.

Most people get discouraged while dieting. They see constant shifts of the scale going back and forth and hope that there are more weight loss days than weight gain days. Meanwhile they are dreading the approach of each meal when they must avoid what they enjoy eating and instead eat only whatever the newest fad diet calls for. These diets are broad in nature and are not tailored for each specific person's body. There is no room for experimentation and self discovery. Qi Gong takes a different approach. Qi Gong teaches you to become aware of your body and to learn how each part works by itself and together with the other parts. It encourages you to learn for yourself what is best for your body rather than relying on advice from someone who has never met you. Qi Gong will lead you to a life long method of self discovery and self improvement.

Many people suffer from decreased digestion rates which can lead to digestive disorders due to the inability of the body to absorb or get rid of food as quickly as it needs to. By performing simple exercises each day, you will be losing weight, not only through exercising, but also due to an increased digestion rate and a faster metabolism. The secret to weight loss is not just the food you are eating, but how your body processes this food. By regularly practicing Qi Gong, you will maintain these increases and be able to eat the things you and your body enjoy.

Because of the results being achieved through the use of Qi Gong, several studies have been done on its effectiveness, including by the U.S. National Institute of Health. It has also been recognized as an effective method of weight control and loss by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Gi Gong relies on five basic areas to cleanse your Qi (which translates roughly to "vital life force"). These are: (1) posture, (2) gravity, (3) breath, (4) mind, and (5) movement. Qi Gong focuses on each area individually and then on bringing them all into balance.

A simple exercise you may wish to try is to begin by standing with your legs slightly apart. Raise your hands above your head and slowly bring them down, palms down and fingers pointing at each other, until you reach the level of your stomach. Slowly move your hands away from your body while maintaining them at the same level. You may feel a pulling sensation out of your stomach, like your stomach and hands are connected. When this occurs, slowly begin to bring your hands apart until you feel that connection has reached its maximum point. Hold this position until you feel it start to slip away, then slowly return your hands back together to the point of beginning. The first couple of times you attempt this, you may not feel that "connection", but it will come as you become more aware of your body.

If modern medicine hasn't given you the results you like or you just aren't happy with removing something from your life you enjoy, you may wish to look further into studying Qi Gong.

Karina Jacobsen is a staff writer at Wellness Digest and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Alternative Health Advisor.

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